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Squire JVs

Mar 6, 2017
Squire JVs
  • Greetings, This is my first post and I'm wondering about some details on the early 1980's Fender Squire JV precision basses. I recently acquired a 1983 Fiesta Red (orange) JV precision '62 reissue with rosewood board, no skunk stripe, truss rod adjuster at body end, reverse tuners, cloth wiring (typical jv features). I'm wondering if these basses (specifically the 62 reissue) originally ever came with finger rest and pick-up covers and/or holes in the pickguard and body in any of the years they were produced. This bass has a penciled neck date of 07/20/83 and EXT and 8 stamped on the neck. The neck pocket has a label that has the Fender logo and 58.7 on it. (I understand this has something to do with the year of the Japanese Emperor's reign and translatesinto July 1983, consistent with the neck date.)

    The pickguard on the bass had been replaced by a previous owner and in fact still had the plastic on it. It has holes in it which I had plugged. The bass body has no holes drilled in it and I wonder if this was/is always the case on the jv 62 basses? Any help would be appreciated.
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