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TalkBass Classifieds: Bumping Your Thread

Dec 8, 2015
TalkBass Classifieds: Bumping Your Thread
  • As of Tuesday Dec 8 2015, we have implemented a new bumping system to make managing your ads even easier.

    Basic premise: Replies of any kind will NOT bump any classified thread. The ONLY way to bump your thread is to push the "Bump Thread" button located next to "Post Reply" on your classified thread:


    As usual, classifieds threads can only be bumped once per 24 hour period. There is a live countdown timer on the "Bump Thread" button which will show exactly when you can bump:


    Further information can be found in the "Bump Controls" menu atop your classifieds thread:


    That's it! Please let us know if you have any questions or see any bugs.
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