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Underwhelmed By Most of the New Class D Amps.

Sep 10, 2017
Underwhelmed By Most of the New Class D Amps.
  • I'm a big fan of The Class D technology ever since the first time I saw and heard a Walter Woods. Sadly, I've owned several of these last generation class D's built for us commoners, and everyone of them has ended up being returned, or back on the trading room floor within a year. Admittedly, I play both upright and electric, so finding ANY amp that does both is a very tough deal. Now my trusty GK 700RB 2 × 10 has been by my side pumping out the tone throuthroughout this entire debacle. I started with an Ampeg PF 500. Actually it was pretty good, but even with 2×10s instead of a 15 it sounded Boomy on the upright. Next came The Fender Rumble. Wow what a great one trick pony. Great Old school sound on electric, but supremely boxy on upright. No way to dial the phony mids out. Finally all 85 pounds of my GK just became too much for my aging and aching back to haul around all the time....even with wheels and a handle. So why not try the new GK MB' s went the theory. Always loved the GO sound. WOW...WAS I EVER UNDERWHELMED. I tried the 2×10 version, and it simply had no oomph. I tried the 2x12 and the electric sounded fabulous through it. Took it home, hooked up the upright, and no matter how I EQ d the sound it was either Boxy, Boomy, or Farting out on every note below the G on the E string. Took it back and picked up an Acoustic B1000 HD. At least this thing has the blue juice to handle those ultra low frequencies you can get from a 5 string upright. The Graphic EQ is helpful in the sense I can set it super flat and let my upright speak with her own voice. This amp has zero flavour, and a poorypoor located fan, but at least my upright sounds like my upright, and my electrics can be tweaked to get a good sound on their own thanks to Bartolini Electronics in one and Alembics in the other. A word to the wise as far as the manufacturers are concerned. Bump up the wattage, and stop chintzing on the speakers. Thank goodness I have some good speakers lying about from back in the day. Waiting for the next gen Neos to lose some of that jagged Edge they have in their sound.
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