A cab with a similar sound to a Carvin BR810?

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  1. As my musical tastes, and occupations have changed, so have my tastes in cabs. Before, when I bought my BR810, it was perfect for the music and scene I was playing in. Now, I find it much too clunky, and much too hard to get around. I really enjoy the sound, though! What would you recommend to me that would get me a similar sound, and that's around the same value? I know that Carvin basses have terrible resale value, but I haven't heard anything about the amp/cab values.

    Just for reference, I'm playing out of a B1500 head!

    Thanks so much in advance, everyone! I really appreciate the advice. :hyper:
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    Why not go in to the San Diego Carvin store and try all the 410 cabs they have in stock with a B1500? You have the luxury of being able to do that, which is pretty cool ...

    Good luck!
  3. You know, that's very true. I was hoping to see if anybody could tell me anything about the resale value of these amps, as I don't want to go around shopping for items within a certain price range, and then find out I really don't have that money.:smug: Know what I mean?
  4. There's something about an 810 that you should consider: any other cabinet might sound sort of like it, but won't ever feel like it. There's just something about a full body pressure wave that can't be emulated by a smaller cabinet which is focused on a smaller area.

    However, I've been to the Carvin store in Carmel Mountain Ranch and they did have a B1500 hooked into the BRX10.4 Neo cabinet...that was a nice pairing. Whether it's 'better' or 'the same' as the 810, I'm not sure, but the rig was a killer.

    /B1500 player, but I'm satisfying my DIY jones and building a cab right now to go with it.
  5. PS, you could probably get $350-$425 for your 810 in the San Diego market.

    Have you considered the BR410 Neo? It comes in 4 ohms, which would be a pretty decent match for the B1500.
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    Im currently selling ym Carvin RL410t
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    If you are into the 8x10 format but you need something more transportable take a look a a pair of 2x10s stacked vertically. It'll give you the same impression of height but will be more easily moveable.

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    This is what I am looking to do. I am also a B1500 + BR810 player. I really like how the rig sounds but it is pretty big. Since I'm heading back to college I need something smaller that can still pack a punch.

    I'm selling off my old rig and want to use the money to get a BX500 with a couple of smaller cabs. The vertical 410 idea came to mind. It wouldn't really work well with the B1500 since that amp would push them pretty hard. Maybe there are some 16 ohm 210 options?

    If you like the idea of the 410s, the Carvin Neo 410 does get a lot of appreciation, as many have already pointed out. I would like to try one but I don't need a 410.
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    just get the cabs and keep the head.
    really, that head will only push the cabs as hard as you want it to, as you have control over the volume knob.
    unless i'm missing something, which i'm positive i'm not...

    for fun.... John at Bass Emporium has a 3000 watt stereo amp he pushes through a 1x10 Berg cab. hasn't blown the cab because he doesn't ever turn the volume up that far; just far enough for him to hear and be satisfied with the volume.
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    I'm not getting rid of the B1500 and BR810. I'm getting rid of my Kustom Groove 1200 and Sonic B610. I don't need two big rigs so I'm selling one of them and possibly buying a smaller, lighter rig. I haven't settled on the idea yet, it's just something I'm considering.

    Everyone is free to do as they please; I wouldn't get in the way. I would rather be safe than sorry. If the original poster wants to then go for it. I can't imagine there would be any problems if you used good judgment. It shouldn't be hard to do and I agree with you; the head will only push the cab as far as you push the head. I've been warned against putting 800 watts into my 500 watt 212 so I've become cautious. I don't want to be in a situation where it is easy to push it too hard. I don't trust myself that much. ;)

    The 3000 watt amp into a 1x10 cab is quite interesting. I have never heard of that before.
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    There is nothing wrong with caution, nothing at all. There's nothing wrong with the case quoted either. Until you have an accident. A suitable event will push that amp to maximum immaterial of where the level controls are set. When that happens the speaker is toast.