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Digitech and effect loop problem!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by dustamaphone, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. dustamaphone


    Feb 24, 2002
    USA, MN
    I own a Digitech BP200 and when I run it into the effects loop it becomes noticably distorted. This happens on both my Carvin R1000 and my Fender Bassman. But when I run my bass to the BP200 and then to the amp it is better. Is this an issue with Digitech equipment. Someone told me somthing about low output or somthing like thatwith digitech. They said this could be the problem. Anybody notice similar problems or other effect units that don't get along well with effect loop inputs?
  2. I have a Digitech RP200 which I bought for my guitar, but use with my bass. You have to watch the master level on those things, because on most of the presets they've got it cranked, signifigantly boosting the signal. Also, the expression pedal is assignable to level, so even if you turn the pot down the pedal may override the setting.

    Mine has a habit of "remembering" where I have the master level set for different effects channels. It's great for not having to re-adjust it all the time, but if I want to turn it down I have to turn it the knob past that setting before it will adjust anything.

    I've never played through a BP200, but my impression is that it's basically the same box in a different color.
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  3. Phat Ham

    Phat Ham

    Feb 13, 2000
    I'm guessing the BP200 is designed to take a guitar level input (-20dB?). Most effects loops are designed to run pro or semi-pro equipment, which are 0 or +4dB. Don't trust me on the numbers, but if you try to run a stomp box type effect through the effects loop there is a good chance you will overdrive the input of the effect.
  4. gfab333


    Mar 22, 2000
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    I had the same problem when I put a BFX-708 in my GK's effects loop. I was told by several TBers that stomp boxes should be placed between the bass and the preamp of your head. Rackmount effects should be placed in the effects loop.

    I have had no problems since putting the pedal between my bass and the amp.
  5. dustamaphone


    Feb 24, 2002
    USA, MN
    Hey thanks for the reply. That has put my mind to rest.

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