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Help! Trouble with my 4x10's

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by BassMan257, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. I own a hartke 4.5 XL cab... has done me well for a long time, but at the last practice, it was giving me some trouble... I use the 3500 hartke head... and the cab supposedly is able to handle 350watts...

    I was only on like 3 on the amp, and my bass plugged into the passive jack (cause its passive)

    I dont know if it was from the room i was in or not, cause i havent had a chance to try it, but the upper right speaker seemed to be buzzing... like... not a noize buzz.. but a buzz when i played...

    havent got a chance to try it out again, but it was really bugging me...

    help is appreciated
  2. If it was more like a rattle it could be a screw coming loose on the speaker surround or one of the screws on the metal grill?

    Other than that, i cant help, sorry
  3. I had some rattle/buzzing noise on a 210 combo I have. I tried tightening screws, and trying different basses and cables. Replacing the offending speaker fixed it.
  4. hmm... sorry my first post was so vague... im going to retest it all now in a different room..
  5. so yeah... it still does it...

    i tightened everything up... still did it, so idecided to loosen it up an take a look under the hood...

    strangely enough, the top 2 speakers are doing it... and I know the bottoms arent..

    could there be a glitch in the wiring?

    let me put it this way.. not a rattle, not a noize buzz... kinda like a bthoooooo... it only does it if i go to a certan volume.. and only on the top two speakers...

    its so strange... i knew something like this would happen to it right before i was going to sell it..

    seriously, i got an email the <b>day</b> before it started from a guy who has been looking around for one of these cabs, and would be willing to pay my asking price...


    any tips suggestions?

    i mean, the speaker hasnt just stopped working...

    and ive never heard a "blown" speaker either... so i really have nothing to compare to
  6. Eric Moesle

    Eric Moesle

    Sep 21, 2001
    Columbus OH
    My bet - from my problems when I used to use Hartke cabs and had SEVERAL instances of the same problem - is that the center dustcovers need to be re-glued. It only costs a few bucks per driver to have it done. There is a problem with the adhesive on the aluminum after time.

    If that isn't the problem, then you have blown speakers and they need to be replaced, which is a nasty process with Hartke, unfortunately.
  7. where exactly on the amp is this? where are the dust covers and stuff? and could someone at a local shop help?

    i dont know, i heard somewhere that you could get replacement speakers for this cab from them for 55 dollars (if you return your blown one that is)

    i just find it extremely strange that the top speakers only buzz... im going to put a bottomone in the top spot and a top in the bottom and see which one makes the noize... if its still the top, than i know the speakers are fine... but... yeah

    thanks for the help!

    ill keep trying things
  8. Skel


    Jun 19, 2005
    Boulder, Colorado
    I had a similar problem with a Marshall 4X12 cab. I kept rewiring the cabinet to go through it first 2X2, then one at a time until I isolated it to one speaker. Then I had the speaker tested and it was fine. I put it back in, but left out one of the 4 screws because it just didn't seem to go in right. That solved the problem. That speaker is held in with 3 screws. I kind of think the other poster was probably right about the cone thing, though. But this just goes to show that you might have to try a few things, especially if the speaker tests Ok.


  9. westerton


    Mar 9, 2006
    i actually have the same exact cabinet, and only after using it for a couple weeks....i'm not sure what happened but i think going in and out of the cold and then playing right away....
    check to see if the aluminum is cracked....i took off the grill...and i couldent tell at first but when i listened really close and felt around, there was a small crack in at actual aluminum...check it out i guess???

  10. I'm going through the same type of thing right now with a 4200 cab from Hartke. I'm kind of disappointed in that it's the second cab (same model) because I had to return the first one for the same problem. If this is how they all sound after just a few hours of playing then I'm gonna have to see about getting my money back. The cab sounded perfect last week at practice and was not moved from the climate controlled practice space. I come back this week and it's buzzing like the first one. It only seems to do it on the lower frequencies but it is very noticable. It does'nt sound like a blown speaker.The Hartke head I use is new also.