SOLD JPBasses Lucii 6 String Chambered Fretless

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    JPBasses Lucii 6 String Chambered Fretless

    This is an original JPBasses 6 String that was made by Jean-Philippe Ferreira and his colleague from Paris, France in the early 2000s. JP and his friend built unique high end custom basses and his designs influenced many other young builders. Pete Skjold obtained the rights to his designs and still occasionally builds them under the name “Denoncourt Series” today. JP Ferreira has since moved on to design wooden houses, bikes etc. These basses have become very rare and are hard to find, especially in this condition.

    Some Specs:

    - JPBasses Lucii 6 String Fretless

    - Chambered White Limba Body with figured Koa top and back

    - 34 inch scale Wenge Neck with double action truss rod

    - Stabilized Black Palm Fingerboard covering more than two octaves (side dots)

    - Hipshot Ultralight Hardware in chrome and 19mm spacing

    - Kent Armstrong custom JP Pick Ups

    - Graphtec Piezos

    - John East 9V Pre Amp (Vol-Magnetic, Balance, Vol-Piezos, Lows, Highs, Active/Passive, Bright-mode Switch)

    - wooden (Koa) knobs and backplate cover

    Some Info:

    Skjold Design to Revive JP Basses This Fall Museum/

    The bass in very good condition and sounds amazing. Asking Price is 2100 Euros.

    Unfortunately I just dont play enough 6 string fretless and I feel someone who does will be able to treasure this bass accordingly. Its one of the most beautiful pieces of wood and instrument craftsmanship I have seen (of course this is subjective) built by a passionate luthier. The Bass is located in Germany but can be shipped throughout Europe in a sturdy hardcase (if you are located anywhere else I am open fro discussing shipping).

    If you have any questions, please pm me thanks.

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