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  1. Just a note on a relativly new company
    from Upstate N.Y. The company is called
    Windsong Guitar Co. They have just expanded
    to 100 stores around the country. I was
    impressed with the sound and quality of
    the bass for under 800 dollars. I own 2
    and both guitar players I play with own
    them.So if you happen to see them in a store
    near you, play one, I think you will be
    impressed too.
    The website is
    The pics on the website dont really
    do the guitars and basses justice.
    I will post some pics soon. Peace.
  2. No 5 strings?!!?!?! They needa expand their inventory :\
  3. Talked to the owner the other day and
    I was told they will be out soon.
  4. Wow...phew -wipes sweat off forehead- i was worried there for a minute :meh:
  5. geshel


    Oct 2, 2001
    You registered here just to tell us about yet another company remarketing cheap Korean instruments?
  6. Brendan

    Brendan Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2000
    Portland, OR
    Maybe they're really GOOD cheap instruments?
  7. Kinda like the Essex basses are pretty good and at a really good price?
  8. Brendan

    Brendan Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2000
    Portland, OR
    Naw, those are an phenomenon that's being investigated by the CDC.
  9. that why I love mine so much?
  10. Brendan

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    Jun 18, 2000
    Portland, OR
    Quite possibly.
  11. rickdog

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    Mar 27, 2010
    Yes, I know I'm resurrecting a zombie thread. But it's almost the only mention I can find of Windsong basses anywhere. The web site is gone.

    I'm bringing this up because I'm away from home (ironically, near Scotia, NY, where the OP is from), didn't want to travel with one of my basses, and have borrowed a bass here that turns out to be a Windsong.

    It's not bad. Active, two pickups, 24 frets. It hasn't seen much use recently, badly needs new strings, a good cleaning, and a decent setup. A few quick tweaks got the action down to playable. The saddles are almost bottomed out, but I'm not going to go to the trouble of shimming the neck. The bridge probably should have been mounted another 1/16" towards the G string side.

    Anyway, does anyone know what happened to Windsong? Vanished as quickly as they appeared? Anyone have a Windsong?
  12. AboutSweetSue

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    Sep 29, 2018
    “Windsong” was a bad name to begin with. I’d imagine that didn’t help.
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  13. P. Aaron

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    I can’t seem to forget you, your Windsong stays on my mind.
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  14. AboutSweetSue

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    Sep 29, 2018
  15. B-Mac

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  16. rickdog

    rickdog Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 27, 2010
    Maybe this weekend... after I clean it up!
  17. rickdog

    rickdog Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 27, 2010
    I should have taken a "before" picture... but it would have been hard to capture the grunge on the fingerboard or rust on the strings. It cleaned up pretty good, though.


    A fresh set of Chromes, some polish... and a shout out to Drome Sound in Schenectady, I've bought three basses from them (two of which I still have), they had what I needed today. A quick stop at the hardware store for some essential tools. One old rag and some elbow grease (not pictured). A quick setup (might not be done with the G string yet :laugh:). I'll get a new battery for it tomorrow, just on general principles (it's working, but who knows how long it will last before the bad stuff leaks out).

    The E and A saddles are bottomed out, action would probably go lower if the neck was shimmed. The G string is already as low as it can go without buzzing in a couple spots (I think the 15th and maybe the 17th frets are a little high).

    Pretty decent as a loaner until I get home!
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