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New Bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Night, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. Night


    Jun 20, 2005
    Maryland, USA
    I'm looking for a second bass, after having owned a used Squier P-Bass for about two or three months, and I'm trying to decide between the Ibanez GSR-200 and a Mexican-made Fender Standard Jazz. I've tried both out at Guitar Center, and I like the Jazz more than the GSR, but obviously it's considerably more expensive.

    Aside from general advice between the two guitars, something odd I've found researching online is that most people who've reviewed the Jazz say they got it new for $299 or about that. However, all the online retailers, as well as Guitar Center, charge around $479 for it, and I was wondering what the deal with that was...

  2. syciprider

    syciprider Banned

    May 27, 2005
    Inland Empire
    Have you tried "dealing" with the sales guys @ GC? I got my Jazz Dlx (Korean) for $580 (tag was $699). It has the preamp, 1/4 pounders, string through body, hip shot, quilt maple top and everything else.

    You'll have to talk to one of the guys in charge. While they may not drop down to $299 for a MIM Jazz, they might go down significantly from $479.

    Good luck and let us know what you got! :)

  3. +1!

    You have to haggle haggle haggle with the GC guys but it's worth it in the end! I bought my Taylor 314CE new for $1,050 when it listed for $1699. It depends on the list price... what they get it for... and how well you haggle... but mainly the price they paid and what it lists for.
  4. Night


    Jun 20, 2005
    Maryland, USA
    Cool, I wasn't sure whether the guys at Guitar Center were allowed to haggle or not... thanks for the advice!
  5. BWil


    May 16, 2005
    SoCal USA
    GC is like a used car lot. If one salesperson won't deal, talk to the next.

    List prices are fantasy. Everyone sells below "list". You can get what you want at a decent price if you shop & compare. Don't buy into salesguys' BS.
  6. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    Up until a year or so ago, $299 was the going price for a MIM Jazz. Now they are more like $339 or so, depending on your negotiating skills.

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