For Sale/Trade 1968 Slingerland Drum set, 6 pcs

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    For sale is a 6 piece set of late 60s Slingerland drum set in very good original condition. Set includes 24x14 kick, 12x8 tom, 13x9 tom, 2 - 16x16 floor toms, and a 14 snare. Also includes a very cool matching canister throne.

    The shells and the gold sparkle wrap on these drums are in very good condition and they play and sound just like they should, with a nice, warm, old school sound. There is some wear on the metal parts due to age, which is only really visible up close.

    I have lots of pictures that are not shown here, as well as a more in depth description including serial numbers for verification. I will make this information available to anyone that is seriously interested.

    PLEASE NOTE: The included images show the drums set up with just a kick and two toms. Please contact me to see pictures of the rest of the set. There are simply too many pictures to put them all here.

    I also have some vintage Zildjian Cymbals that could be part of the deal.

    I'm not really planning to ship these. I'm hoping for a local buyer but I'm willing to drive a bit. If shipping become necessary we will have to work out the details as thats a lot of boxes.

    As far as trades, I'm looking for a Sadowsky Metro 4 string.

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