No longer available 1972 Fender Precision Bass

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    I really really hate doing this, I love this bass but due to outragous local refret costs ($600-700), I feel better to just let this bass go.

    Here I have a stunning example of a 1972 Fender Precision Bass in 3-Color-Sunburst. The bass came to me with an aftermarket pickguard, but I replaced it with a factory Fender tortoise guard from the 70's, original oem and all that. Pots have been replaced, pickup is original. It has a "B" width nut, making it similar to a Jazz Bass nut width, only slightly larger. It has a beautiful piece of rosewood for a fretboard. This bass has been well played and loved, so it acquired some bumps and bruises over the past 50 years.

    Truss rod works perfectly, loosens and tightens, no twists or ski ramps in the neck.

    This bass is a tone beast! Nice low end with that 70's growl that is sought after. All controls work flawlessly.

    The Bass weighs in at a lovely 8.6 lbs, great for long gigs and playing standing up, also balances perfectly, no neck or body dive.

    There is an extra hole in the pickguard, very small. Doesn't affect playability and I have priced accordingly.

    Previous owner has scratched their drivers license number in the neck plate, you can maybe buff it out but I'm unsure.

    THIS BASS NEEDS A REFRET! The previous owner ground the upper (16-20th) frets down quite a bit and this bass will need a refret SOON if you plan on stringing it with anything but flatwounds. The fretboard itself is in very nice condition, no bumps or gashes, perfect for a refret. I currently have medium gauge flats and while it plays fine and intonates well, there is some minor buzzing that will need to be addressed soon, and I have priced the bass accordingly.

    Comes with original pickup and bridge covers, comes shipped in non-original gig bag

    ALL SALES FINAL! Price is shipped. If you have any questions regarding sound demos (which I have), pictures, or other questions, DONT HESISTATE TO MESSAGE :)


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  2. Found another reputable luthier to get my bass refretted, thank heavens