SOLD 1973 Fender Precision Bass Refinished

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    Here I have for sale a nice example of a 1973 Fender Precision that has been loved dearly for the past 48 years. The body was refinished by MJT in nitrocellulose lacquer blonde. The neck was sanded down, but is still sealed. The result is a really nice satin-like feel with a sealed neck, so it’s easy to clean.

    Neck stamp says it was made on the 28th week of 1973 on a Wednesday. When I received this bass, it had a set of Lollar pickups in it. I replaced those with a Fender set from 1971. It also has a badass 2 bridge on it, all screws on it turn beautifully with room to raise and lower the action. Pots were replaced and includes a greasebucket circuit, but I can remove it upon request. Truss rod turns beautifully and has barely any tension on it. It has had a fret levelling, though it was beautifully done and the nut was adjusted to compensate.

    Tuners, neck, and body are original from 1973.

    Pickguard, pots, pickup (although it’s from 1971), bridge, and strap buttons aren’t original.

    Weight: 9.3 lbs, though it can be lightened with a fender style bridge and balances nicely.

    Back of headstock is slightly rounded due to sanding job by previous owner, but is very minor and doesn’t affect playability.

    Comes with unoriginal Fender Hard Case.

    I posted this on Reverb for a higher price, but since reverb takes more of my money and the quality of people on Talkbass are better, asking $2250.
    5E9C075B-E0B4-4BAE-B4C4-DA2BF87C9194.jpeg 2AB541AB-8AB4-41B0-9CD0-161FBA538070.jpeg 99F32A34-B88A-4E69-B39C-8D7C05EF2748.jpeg 410B0ACE-91B8-4BD2-A4E6-D8452F4E7018.jpeg 9D16CB9A-1DF1-4AB7-A2C2-5E7525011AC4.jpeg 3AB6C10B-F273-406C-AD91-F78B4B1658E0.jpeg E1C3DD35-7193-43C2-AE71-D55560CC48E3.jpeg E0D57688-7B96-4689-A0E0-4CAEDD6498DF.jpeg 8CD39006-7810-47B0-8F03-641DD9927251.jpeg 5771CD59-7081-49AB-8F2E-6E74ADC6145F.jpeg 55FAF655-26E1-4585-A591-85ECAF4346B3.jpeg
    bottom of 1971 P pickup
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    Killer rock machine!!
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    You’ve chosen wisely.
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    Going back on the market for good. Price reduced as well.
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    Pictures of neck pocket and neck heel
    500DF131-63C9-45EE-A45D-F3CD8B883C50.jpeg 01867C95-07C1-4ABB-8ED5-D87AEF88F999.jpeg
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    Open to all offers…
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    Aug 14, 2018
    Hey there! This was my bass, and it’s killer - someone buy it!!
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    Why is the 18th and 20th fret wood on the fretboard look different than the rest?
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    Feb 22, 2020
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    No idea but I put a ton of work into this bass and I’m glad to see it getting some exposure!
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  12. Damn, I'm floored. I'm the guy that bought this from CME on Saturday. I didn't pay the list price in the ad, but still feel like I got a great deal on an old and well cared for Fender. I can't put it down. Would the former owner(s) be OK if I DM them and ask about it's history? For my own edification, I would love to know the life this has lived. Thanks gang. Been a total thrill to own so far.