SOLD 1977 Ampeg V-4B Vintage Bass Amplifier

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  1. JB1962


    Jan 13, 2018
    This Amp has been serviced and is ready to rock!
    Front panel is very clean. Tolex is in good condition but shows signs of age with minor scuffs/scratches here and there (see pics).

    Recent service (12/2019) includes:
    - All New Tubes:
    (2) Ruby 12AX7 WBC High Grade +
    (1) JJ 12DW7
    (1) NOS Sylvania 12AU7A
    (1) NOS GE 6K11 Compactron Tube
    (4) JJ 7027A Power Tubes - Matched Quad
    - All switches cleaned/de-oxidized.
    - Standby Light replaced.

    Cost to re-tube was $200 in parts alone. I will also include the original Magnavox 7027A power tubes which were working fine at the time they were replaced, however they are probably 45+ years old.

    Why buy a re-issue when you can have the real thing!

    Free Local pickup, but will ship at buyers expense. This amp weighs 70lbs so shipping will be estimated accordingly.
    Note: a $20 handling fee will be charged to have the amp professionally packaged at my local Fed Ex Shipping Center.

    $899 / Best Offer

    Its also listed on Ebay here:
    1977 Ampeg V-4B Vintage Bass Amplifier - SOUNDS FANTASTIC! | eBay

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  2. SwansonEricJohn

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    Dec 29, 2010
    Looks nice!
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