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No longer available 1983 Squier JV Series Jazz Bass (MIJ)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by T Bassman, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. T Bassman

    T Bassman Supporting Member

    Dec 13, 2010
    6BF243C9-E44A-4E90-8B14-F8FD4EA5197C. DD6D6512-CCA8-49F1-886E-4F31C34BFB46. 939CE861-E5AA-4157-8B16-D797ADA47F01. 2018C77D-93E7-4562-AB2F-D4AD260C768A. 6A9C3A99-26DB-4036-8407-2AC055CAAB7A. 275B6B4C-A3D3-4BFE-BEF8-5B79E69883E1. 5AAB6EAE-556D-4BE3-8389-29AE04EEF8D8. 2EA8EB1C-35B5-42CB-93AF-E04027497BEE. 5F2467EA-C744-498F-93D1-2B502BE80FF2. 5659B14B-B294-4F34-B26E-47E4A96BA0EF. BF6F7A4E-CB9F-4DD9-8A20-847C441D4C10. F8180415-DDFF-4323-9E30-624401AE581F. 0E55CDF1-7964-44EC-80FE-1FB980AD1AE8. Here’s a really nice sounding/playing 1983 MIJ (Fender) Squier JV Series Jazz Bass.

    Its in great shape except for some players wear on the back, a few dings here and there as well as a little oxidation on some of the hardware, which is detailed in the pictures.

    The frets are in good shape, but could use a polish, the truss rod works perfectly. On my bathroom scale, it looks like around 9 lbs or so. Definitely on the light side.

    There also appears to be a small, old crack from the E tuner, but it doesn’t penetrate right through the headstock wood, and appears to have been there for ages. Again I tried to capture this in the pictures.

    Olympic white finish, slab board neck, original pickups/wiring, all original except for missing 2 pickguard screws, and the aftermarket pearloid pickguard.

    Just strung it with new Dean Markley Blue Steel rounds.

    If any serious buyers need extra pictures etc, please contact me directly and Ill get you sorted.

    I dont have a case for it, but likely will ship it with some kind of gigbag and secure boxing. If the buyer wants a hardshell case, I can likely track one down inexpensively and we can figure something out.

    Asking $700 US plus shipping from Alberta, Canada (should be around $100 give or take). Im also happy to remove the neck to save $ on shipping with a smaller box etc.

    Thanks for having a look!
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
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