SOLD 1988 Warwick Thumb bass 4 NT

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    Hello! Up for sale a nice example of 80s Warwick Thumb bass, clean and ready to play with new 40-100 strings. The bass is completely original, no mods or repairs. The truss rod works, good frets, good electronics and pickups. The battery cover lost its tooth, but it only costs 20 bucks to replace (I'll do it if time allows). But it still keeps the battery in place.

    The bass shows its age, has some thumb wear (hard to show in pictures) and the wood laminations moved a bit, so in a few spots you can feel the "gap" between two different pieces, but it's completely normal for an old oil finished bass. These small flaws can easily be removed with a refinish, but you'd lose the nice patina/oxidation. Please note I'm being pretty picky as I'm a builder myself. Ships in a teardrop case (non-original) and will be packed very carefully. UPS charges $130 for USA/Canada and usually delivers in 3-4 working days. Paypal is fine... if you need more informations or pictures, drop me a line, thanks!

    €1600 are $1820 or so, in case you don't have time for the conversion ;)

    _SAM1008.JPG _SAM1016.JPG
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