SOLD 1989 Warwick Thumb bass NT - figured Bubinga

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by Triad, Feb 28, 2017.

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    Hello! As you can see, pretty rare bird. 1989 is my favorite year for the Thumb bass: slotted peghead but without those ugly plastic rings on the tuners, nice woods, 2 pieces bridge instead of the Schaller 3D, slim neck and figured woods. Passive push-pull on the volume pot.
    Very clean example and heavily figured body... very good conditions as you can see. Freshly set-up with 40-100s. Ships in a hardcase or (if you prefer) a crappy Warwick bag.
    Shipping is $150 to USA, €50 or so within Europe. I use UPS.
    PayPal is fine, bank wire transfer is even better. Have feedbacks here and on ebay (100% rating).
    No trades, sorry. I'm pretty firm on the price but if you want, feel free to send me an offer.
    View attachment 1068298 View attachment 1068299 SAM_9955.JPG SAM_9956.JPG SAM_9957.JPG SAM_9958.JPG SAM_9959.JPG SAM_9961.JPG SAM_9962.JPG
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