SOLD 1997 Ken Smith CR5

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    78481CF3-C23B-4940-A2B1-1F6AF4EE54A6.jpeg 0E26F065-905F-4A91-8BCF-6FADD501A228.jpeg 42083155-B4F9-434F-B645-18C73F4D5C51.jpeg CC72783B-C22E-4DD2-9D6D-DB9037C2F7D8.jpeg 053C3612-C6EC-4795-979D-283FA5DB0969.jpeg 929D67A4-2AD8-4981-9E18-438E185C7D12.jpeg D7D43A1C-796D-45C1-92A7-FA83C3D6CBE5.jpeg 283108E9-014A-4273-B7C4-BD579118954F.jpeg E1199BE0-A48B-4A7D-BB14-60E9C04D08C5.jpeg A70FC83B-8AA9-4BBE-8D08-1DFC2AF49BA9.jpeg D81BEF23-E696-48FD-9E14-B1492CD4DB37.jpeg View attachment 4738472 C0E2CBD4-ABB1-46DF-AB7A-CE3ABAF056A1.jpeg 998DC53C-744C-4DA4-BCA8-3997A9A4FD88.jpeg B899648D-176A-4C21-9150-504C781211C8.jpeg View attachment 4738477 57FE11FD-D207-4521-AA8C-61253EDC8E43.jpeg 816ADD37-CA16-412C-A19F-615BB637DB6D.jpeg BF7F3616-FE0F-4A58-A643-E02896832B26.jpeg 9E735355-AC8F-48BC-9921-B02AAECD2E7C.jpeg 94C7E75E-41DF-42C3-9983-45B9C1737DFB.jpeg 84A61279-A077-49E9-A135-527528F21119.jpeg A194F565-4FE5-4550-A623-A6CD36CE19CC.jpeg

    For Sale - one excellent 1997 Ken Smith CR5, Chuck Rainey model. Solid maple body with Tiger Maple Wings, Morado fingerboard, Maple headstock cap with light Tiger Maple figuring, 3 piece Hardrock Maple neck. Frets recently leveled, polished, and over all set up-done by Denver Luthier Ken Lofquist (Surine Basses). Chrome Smith hardware in very good condition. All original with original Smith teardrop case. No issues, ready to go.

    In very good condition - I'd say it's 8.5 / 10 - There are a couple small dings on the body and a couple dings on the head stock. The back of the maple neck is perfect - smooth and fast with no blemishes.

    This CR shines with that classic smith sound. Very powerful slap tone and defined, warm finger style tone - with additional tonal options depending on your pick up settings…Has a pretty great P Bass tone with the neck pick up soloed.

    Original Smith 9 volt 3- band (Bass, Mid, Treble) active electronics with push / pull volume pot for Passive mode.

    Build Year 1997
    Model CR5
    Solid Maple with Tiger Maple Body wings
    3pc Hardrock Maple Neck with Pao Ferro Fingerboard
    18mm string spacing
    Original Smith Chrome Hardware
    9 Volt 3-band cut/boost pre
    Weight 9.2 lbs
    Original Smith Case
    2 hex wrenches ( truss, bridge saddles )

    $4750 + $150 Shipping to the Continental US

    (I might consider trading for a Smith CR4 or BT4)
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    Jan 26, 2013
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    That is exceptional. Very nice!
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    Aug 25, 2013
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    Wow! Dream bass right there!
  4. L. L. Elwood

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    Jan 22, 2004
    Thanks! I’ve had a couple of decent offers and a couple of trade offers as well but the bass is still here and available.
  5. L. L. Elwood

    L. L. Elwood Supporting Member

    Jan 22, 2004
    Pending sale…
  6. L. L. Elwood

    L. L. Elwood Supporting Member

    Jan 22, 2004