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For Sale 1999 Dano DC bass

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Do-Da, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Do-Da


    Dec 24, 2007
    Columbus, OH 43214
    Decided it was time for my 1999 Dano DC bass Reissue to find a new home . Wonderful instrument I played exclusively for many years . The Bridge pickup makes All the difference from the original ! Adapts to all kinds of situations . I could sub it for my DB at times and hardly tell it wasn't one , yet can sound like many other basses with different tone settings .

    Lots of top players keep one in their Go To basses for on stage . I have seen Petty's bass man , Robert Cray's and even Springstein's plus many more use these basses . I know Hank Van Sickle with John Mayal has one . They are just so darned Punchy ! Nice that they are really light also , esp. for those of us with back troubles .

    This one is in particularly fine shape . Has had fret dressing and polishing and I have always used DiAddario Chrome flats Med. with it so little fret where . Fingerboard treated with Aisyn fingerboard oil … top notch and not too much . No cracking . A set is on now with little wear . One owner before me who barely ever played it . Only thing I have had to replace it one stacked pick-up . One small mar in the pick guard that was there when I got it . Looks like a small coffee stain but is something in the guard .

    The amazing thing about this one bass is that it plays almost perfectly in tune all the way up the neck with just original rosewood bridge . Never felt a need to get another bridge .

    Will be double boxed for shipping and as securely wrapped as I can get it . The light weight makes shipping not so bad of course .

    Will come FedEx . shipping depends on where it is going .

    Asking $400for this and very fair for what you will be getting .

    All the best of luck and please write with any questions .

    Thanks for looking ! Do Da

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  2. Do-Da


    Dec 24, 2007
    Columbus, OH 43214
    Thanks much ! Have had lots of fun with her . There have been times at jams when I have been sneered at by guys with their very expensive basses .... then I enjoy watching the jaws drop . One time the head of the jam had noticed and made a point of saying , " That is the Best sounding bass I have ever heard . " on the mic just for an extra dig . A friend of course but appreciated .

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