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SOLD 2007 Dingwall Afterburner I Neck, Wenge/Maple

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by FuryGuy, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Price:
    ** Sold**

    I recently made a trade and ended up with a maple/maple FB neck for my Dingwall ABI. So, I am left with my original maple/wenge FB neck. I would have never dreamed of changing my ABI neck (this is no MIM Fender) but the neck offered on trade was so nice I couldn't say no.

    This 2007 neck is in very good condition (take a look at the pictures), it shows some typical fanned fret wear and the decal is missing in a few little spots. You can feel a slight line in the glue lines on the main length of the neck but Dingwall explained that this is quite normal for the ABI's of this year.

    It's a great neck and would like to see it go to someone looking for a dark fretboard or maybe to someone who is looking for a cost effective option to try a fretted to fretless conversion. I can include 4 mounting bolts but the tuners are not included. As far as I know this will only fit the Dingwall ABI model (maybe an ABZ or ABII, but I would check with Dingwall first if you want to put it on anything other than an ABI).

    I'm asking $350 (US dollars) shipped to the Lower 48 States. I can give Canadian buyers a bit of a break on shipping (Paypal is fine). I may consider other locations but I would need to get a shipping quote.









    Thanks for checking out my ad.
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  2. Sold
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