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SOLD 2011 NS Designs NXT4 Double Electric Bass

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by tmw, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. tmw

    tmw Gold Supporting Member

    Oct 17, 2006
    Delmar, NY
    New York
    The NXT Series Double Bass.

    Pizzicato and Arco techniques have almost unlimited expressive potential, thanks to the Polar™ Pickup System. A convenient switch allows selection of the traditional arco mode for percussive attack and dynamic bowed response, or pizzicato mode for a smooth, sustained tone. Passive electronics deliver unlimited overhead for the ultimate sound without cumbersome batteries.

    The solid maple body and neck, together with the graduated fingerboard, deliver a rich, full tone that rings true for every note. Asymmetrical fingerboard relief facilitates an even 'growl' from the higher strings and a clear, powerful lower register. The adjustable bridge and truss rod allow for low, fast action, or for higher string settings that encourage the traditional acoustic player to 'dig in' with gusto.

    Currently strung with NS Electric Strings. Will Aslo include an un-used box of strings (pictured).

    Includes a self-supporting tripod stand with full adjustments for height and angle. The Tripod Stand is Black painted steel, fully adjustable, self-standing tripod design. Folds for easy storage and fits into gig bag.


    · LENGTH: 132 cm (52")

    · WIDTH: 15 cm (6")

    · THICKNESS: 10 cm (4")

    · WEIGHT: 4.8 kg (10.5 lbs.)

    · SCALE LENGTH: 106 cm (41.73"")

    · STRINGS: 4 or 5 (Low B or high C)

    ELECTRONICS & CONTROLS: Passive circuit with high impedance output, no batteries required. Volume control and Tone control (treble roll off).

    · BODY/NECK: Solid, straight grain maple, with maple face (Black model) or flame maple face (Sunburst model) on body.

    · FINGERBOARD: Hand-graduated. Intonation referenced with cascading dot markers.

    · TRUSS ROD: Single Action, accessible at nut.

    · TUNING HARDWARE: 12:1 ratio, fully encased worm gear tuners, black finish.

    · POLAR PICKUP: The Polar™ directional piezo pickup system responds selectively to lateral string vibration, for bowing and for the percussive plucked response of a traditional acoustic instrument, or to vertical string vibration, for remarkable even and sustained plucked sound more like a guitar. A switch allows the player to choose the desired response.

    Includes Gig Bag standard: Nylon 137 cm (54") long; 8.2 kg (15 lb) loaded weight with handle and shoulder strap.Also, comes with a Hard Shell Case. HSC has Wheels for easy schlepping. Put the Bass in the Gig Bag, slide the Gig Bag in the case and it is Well Protected. It will be shipped in the Hard Shell Case.

    Will also include a Glasser French Bow.

    $1,100.00 (USD) Shipped FedEx Insured CoNUS

    DSC02670.JPG DSC02671.JPG
    For Comparison
    DSC02650.JPG DSC02651.JPG
    The Gig Bag, Strings, Bow and Hard Shell Case
    DSC02664.JPG DSC02665.JPG DSC02666.JPG
    DSC02653.JPG DSC02656.JPG DSC02659.JPG DSC02660.JPG DSC02661.JPG DSC02662.JPG DSC02669.JPG DSC02672.JPG DSC02658.JPG

    Any questions please send a PM.


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    Last edited: Jan 23, 2017
  2. tmw

    tmw Gold Supporting Member

    Oct 17, 2006
    Delmar, NY
    And SOLD.

    Thank You neubank
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