SOLD 2012 Birdsong Double Fusion

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    I really hate to sell this awesome Birdsong but I'm playing guitar a lot more and I'm downsizing and I also need to pay for my cat's hyperthyroid treatment which will end up costing me close to $2000.00.
    Anyway, I bought this here on TB back in May 2015 and it's been a great bass that I gigged with quite a bit and I love how comfortable it is to play with an awesome tone to it.
    It's in really good shape. There are a some light indents and some light scratches and the pickup covers have a little bit of "shiny" spots to them from use.

    I'm looking $1600.00 plus shipping No trades please.

    This is copied from the original owner funkyjudge's ad:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Holy cow I would love to grab it. I'm only a couple hours away from you, too. But the timing is horrifically, comically bad. Good luck!!

    ETA: my GF's dog needs a hyperthyroid operation himself, to the tune of $3k, but he's on special food until such time as we can make that happen.
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  4. Pending sale
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