SOLD 2014 Gibson SG 120th Anniversary

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    2014 Gibson 120th Anniversary SG. Purchased this in, you guessed it, 2014 :) Been a great bass but I'm more of a Fender guy so this doesn't get played much. Has D'Addario nylon tape wound strings on it. Does have some light scratches here and there but nothing major. Is missing the lower screw on the truss rod cover but never tried to replace as it really helped with the neck dive :thumbsup: I also turned the bridge pickup around to see if i could get a little more beef from it but if it made a diff, I really couldn't tell. I can turn it back around for a buyer if they want.

    500 plus shipping, Paypal, shipped CONUS.

    IMG_3051.jpg IMG_3048.jpg IMG_3052.jpg IMG_3055.jpg IMG_3053.jpg IMG_3049.jpg IMG_3057.JPG
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    PM sent!