SOLD 2014 USA Fender Deluxe Dimension HH5

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    Aug 5, 2009
    Best price by a sizable margin on a USA Deluxe Dimension HH5, it is in excellent shape but due to a little bit of fret sprout I’m being a right bloke and making this one available for small cabbage. A few very light superficial scratches on the back will not photograph, nothing up front or on the neck/board or the headstock; a conservative 9/10. Truss rod turns freely both ways, no fret wear, no dings or bruises or mustard stains. A well balanced 9.4 pounds, 34” scale, 17.5 mm spacing, 1 3/4” nut width, great B string. The “play by braille” thing is more of an annoyance to me than anything else, you could either live with it or get the omnipotent YouTube to show you how to clean it up yourself or take it to a fret dude, at any rate you’ll be getting a sweet deal on a great bass. $800 plus $25 to help with the shipping, FedEx CONUS.

    954A0EE8-7A8B-4CB8-87CA-BB7A967634F3.jpeg 522723C9-0400-449C-9A10-6C81910870DB.jpeg BB13EDB3-9F3C-4F89-A239-4D7F9AC1F31D.jpeg E594FD92-F2A0-4D4B-BC46-65E900A64AE5.jpeg 359C67FB-03E4-4A0F-89E0-20DB74175D90.jpeg ED0C7F33-2BF8-4AEE-AD2F-F9266032AE16.jpeg 17198225-18E7-4489-816A-FDCFF5828112.jpeg 47DD2615-96F6-4762-8ECE-9043B5F79F8A.jpeg
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