SOLD 2015 Spector Forte 4 Helium - BPL Live bass

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  1. Rod Harder

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    Selling my 2015 Spector Helium Forte 4 string bass, it's one of my favorite basses but I'm looking at a new Forte 5 build that's made for me. Not really excited to sell this one, but it has the least sentimental value even though it's one of my favorites to play live, and I'm not financially able to keep it and get a new Forte 5.
    As mentioned, it's a Helium Forte, so it's got the Sycamore over Redwood body wings with the Helium bridge and black hardware - this bass would be $3699 USD new, so this is less than 2/3 the price of a new Forte 4 Helium.
    This was a bass made for the 2015 Bass Player Live show in LA, and was purchased by a friend in NYC right after the show and I bought it from him shortly after.
    Weight is 8 pounds 2 oz and it's got probably one of the thinnest necks I've ever played on a US Spector, it's the standard 1.64" nut width but it's very thin front to back.
    There's a few small dings on the back of the body, on the Redwood back, and a little scuff around the output jack, but the bass is overall in excellent condition.
    There is a Spector hardshell case included as well, it's got a few marks and scrapes but it's in good shape overall.
    It's got a Matte Black poly finish as all Forte basses had during this time, but it's a thin poly finish as compared to the earlier Forte basses with the thicker poly finish.
    It's got a vintage Kramer era NS2O Korean Haz preamp installed, with volume/blend and bass/treble and sounds great, nearly identical to the USA Haz preamp with growl to spare. I could also ship it with an SNC mini haz clone Preamp if the buyer prefers this.
    Looking for $2200 USD shipped Canada and CONUS via UPS Ground insured and packed in the original Spector shipping box. PayPal only please, I have great feedback on talkbass and eBay as well, and I have bought and sold with many people here in the group as well. I will ship to Europe and the UK as well, provided the buyer pays all costs associated with the import charges, etc and shipping.
    There is a Pau Ferro fretboard on this bass so there is no CITES paperwork required, so no worries for USA Buyers there.
    Will consider reasonable offers, not looking for trades at this time, sorry.

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  2. Rod Harder

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    Holiday weekend special - $2100 USD shipped Canada / CONUS.
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    Sep 19, 2008
    That is one sexy Spector....
  4. Rod Harder

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    This one's off to Texas!