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SOLD 2016 Shen SB80 3/4 Plywood

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by fj_ventre, Sep 9, 2020.

  1. fj_ventre


    Aug 19, 2007
    Chapel HIll, NC
    North Carolina
    In beautiful condition, save for a very small ding in the finish on the backside, lower bout (pictured). Upgraded bridge and setup by Bob Beerman at the Bass Violin Shop in Greensboro, NC. The fingerboard has snappy-looking inlaid position markers along the side.

    Outfitted with D'addario Helicore Orchestral strings. I've been playing mainly pizz on this bass and the strings sound great in that application, though they don't have the same midrange growl that you'd get from a string made specifically for pizz.

    I recently upgraded to a Shen SB150, but I would've happily kept this bass if I had more room and I didn't already have an old Kay warhorse that I'll never part with.

    Price includes a useable French bow and a nice, padded canvas case. Local sale only.

    If you'd like to hear this bass in action, I've posted a quick and dirty (i.e., sloppy) demo that I recorded on my phone:

    Shen-Main.jpg Shen-Main.jpg Shen-1.jpg Shen-2.jpg Shen-3.jpg Shen-4.jpg Shen-5.jpg Shen-6.jpg Shen-7.jpg Shen-8.jpg Shen-9.jpg Shen-10.jpg Shen-11.jpg Shen-12.jpg
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