SOLD 2021 Electrical Guitar Company Series 2

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    The pinnacle of aluminum-necked instruments. All aluminum monster of a bass. Brushed neck finish, "distressed" (brushed) body finish. Gotoh tuners, Switchcraft switch and jacks, Schaller Straplocks. Comes with nearly bulletproof SKB OHSC. Wait time for these is nearly a year if not more.


    34" scale
    4 string
    Block inlays
    Dual humbuckers
    Dual outputs (mono and stereo, like a Rickenbacker)
    Two volume, two tone (one set per pickup), 3 way pickup selector, push/pull volume pots to split humbuckers.
    Set up in E flat standard 105-45

    Trades only considered for Alembic Series or Stanley Clarke basses, Wal Mk. 1, 2, 3 basses (ha).

    Series 2 Full.jpg

    Series 2 back full.jpg

    Series 2 jacks.jpg

    Series 2 Case.jpg
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