SOLD $25.....Brand new MIK Precision pickups (black or white)

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    Black are sold.....One set of white ones still left.

    Hey guys....I have a couple brand new sets of these pickups still in the box, left from last months classes at the school. I've used these for a couple years for builds and guys seem to really like them. They are from a Korean vendor, and sound very good, a nice upgrade for Squiers, mim's, etc. They are quiet, and a little fatter sounding than stock P pickups, with a bit more extended highs and lows. They come with 4 new screws, covers, attached foam on the bottom and 4 adjusting springs.

    4 sets already sold, I have one black set and one white set left.

    $25 + $3 shipping, sent right into your grubby little hands!! :) Your choice of color.

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