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SOLD 6U SKB Rack Case loaded with used gear

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by mc900ftj, May 7, 2017.

  1. mc900ftj


    Jan 21, 2014
    Used 6U SKB Rack Road Case (with removable front and back covers), bundled with the following equipment:
    • Presonus ACP88 Multi-channel Compressor/Limiter with Noise Gates (See note #1 below)
    • ART PRO VLA II Two-channel Vactrol/Tube leveling amplifier (compressor)
    • ART TPS II Tube Preamp System (See note #2 below)
    • Behringer Modulizer Pro 24 bit effects processor with full MIDI control
    • Middle Atlantic PD-2015R-HH-NS Rackmount Power Distribution Module
    I went "digital" and don't use these components anymore...looking to make some room here.

    "Give it away" price is $200 (cash) for local pickup within 50 miles of Allentown, PA.

    #1: The 8th channel of the ACP88 has a mechanical issue with the input jack that is intermittent, so I don't use that channel. It may be repairable, I don't know.
    #2: The second channel of the TPSII was working a few months ago, but did not work when I turned it on to test it before selling. I'm not sure why. Might be an issue with the single 12AX7 vacuum tube that is split to run both channels. For this price, I frankly don't want to check to see. I'll throw in a known-good 12AX7 tube and the buyer can try it.

    In addition to a photo, I included a link to a video I just recorded showing the gear powered up. In it I mention the couple of items I noted above as well.

    Video can be seen here: VID_20170507_123443.mp4

    6U Rack with Preamp-CompressorLimiter-MultiChannelCompGateUnit.jpg
  2. mc900ftj


    Jan 21, 2014
    Sale pending
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