SOLD '75 Fender Mustang Modified 8-String/Stereo Bass

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    This bass is modded to be an 8 string but can easily be converted back to 4 string
    with the original nut. The octave string tuning gears are installed on the back of headstock. (the photo shows where the screw holes without the tuners)
    the current nut is cut for the low octave string on the bottom and the high octave on top... excellent for pick playing. IMG_E4182.jpg
    A neck pickup has been added and the bass is wired for stereo or mono
    with 2 separate output jacks: the original output on the face plate and another on the side for stereo.
    the 2 knobs are for volume for each pickup. there is no tone control knob but
    2 toggle switches have been tastefully added. These switches are a treble on/off
    for each pickup.
    The bass skillfully modified by Darrell Gilbert of Gilbert Guitars NYC who was also the #1 guy at Matt Umanov Guitars in NYC for many years.
    comes with a brand new Fender short scale bass gig bag.
    local pickup prefered. but i may consider shipping.

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    That's shaging sweet.
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    Apr 3, 2021
    still up for grabs?