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    ***ON HOLD FOR SALE***

    I'm primarily a guitar player so it took me a couple of times (and basses) to get used to a 5 string bass. But I got it down, so now I never use the 4 string. So for your consideration is a 1999/2000 (per serial number) MIM Fender Precision Special bass in exceptionally clean condition. It's ~9 lbs. on my scale, neck is straight, action low, strung with Sadowsky Bright Nickel strings. No buckle rash or major dings, in fact the only flaws are a 1/2" scratch (pictured) and a small dimple near it (won't show). There is a little yellowing of the cream finish on the back where it rubs against your body. I swapped out the original bridge but will include it (pictured). Comes with the G&G case shown. For sale $600 shipped/paypal-ed however, I am willing to trade up (add cash) for a 5 string in the $1000 range, i.e, a Lakland DJ signature, a P/J or MM/J configuration. I've got a MM Ray 35, but I'd be interested in a Sterling HS, MTD Bass Mods etc. Feel free to ask any questions, I'm mjsliv on The Gear Page and eBay as well so lots of reference deals.







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  2. To answer some of the questions I've been asked, this model has the slim Jazz neck on it, so it's 1.5" at the nut. I haven't adjusted the truss rod since I've had this bass (~3yrs.) so I can't comment on it's functionality- the neck has been straight and true since I've owned it. I can certainly check the truss adjustment if that helps your confidence in the sale.
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    Apr 16, 2018
    Just confirming that this sold? The listing shows on hold, I’m interested!
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