SOLD Acme Low B2 series I $200 split shipping 4ohm

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    I am selling an Acme Low B210 series II I bought here on TB about 4 years ago. It works best with a lot of power and is very hifi sounding and great for a 5 string player. I will split the shipping, it is not light but I would imagine it will ship for $70-80 in the 48 states. I priced it very cheaply. If you have something of similar value to trade ,,,the worse I can say no thanks. I do not need any cabs... I am reducing my footprint in the house (the wife said sell some amps). acme_back.jpg acme_front.jpg acme_front.jpg acme_back.jpg acme_front.jpg
  2. Quick question - 4 or 8 ohms?
  3. 4 ohms
  4. Pending Sale