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SOLD Acoustic Image Coda Plus - Price Drop

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Bass Amps, Strings, & Accessories' started by Smoof, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Price:
    The moving purge continues ~ 9 out of 10 condition Acoustic Image Coda Plus. This was one of the first removable head models out of the factory (SN in low single digits). This has been used but never abused. I have had the padded Mooradian case since day one. The speaker cab says 300 watt at 8 ohm but this was of the line advertised as being capable of 1000W @ 2 ohm (the back of the head has 900 watts listed). The cabinet has a tweeter with an on/off switch. The head itself does have some superficial scratches from removing and replacing it. The cabinet has a couple minor scratches I couldn't get to show up well in the pics (most notable is on the top in the pic taken from the front, between the Mid and Treble knobs). Comes with original dust cover, the Mooradian bag and shipped in original box. I'll likely ship the bag separately. Asking $950 PayPal shipped CONUS

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  2. Price drop $900 shipped. This includes the "Custom Mooradian" bag for the combo as well as a gig bag for the removable head.
    AIBags.JPG codaback.JPG codaetal.JPG codafront.JPG codatop.JPG
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