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    I bought this about 2 years ago from a music store in Memphis TN. It works great and has that fat Aguilar sound in a 2 rackspace head. I just don’t use it as much as I thought I would and would love it to find a home with someone who can play it regularly. Buyer pays shipping or local pickup.

    The Aguilar DB 359 is a powerhouse of fat, warm bass tone. The solid-steel chassis means this amp will be on the road with you for a long time. The DB 359's preamp design employs the same tube gain stages as the world-famous DB 680, while the DB 728 amp design was used in the power section of the new head. These features combined with Aguilar's reputation for extreme quality in design and manufacture make the new DB 359 Bass Head an important milestone in bass amplification.


    Power output: 200 watts RMS into 4 or 8 ohms.

    Transformers: Custom-designed toroidal output transformer for ultrawide bandwidth. Power transformer is also toroidal

    Tube Complement: 2 GE 5751 (12AX7), one 12AU7, 4 Svetlana 6550s

    Equalization: Tube-driven treble, mid, and bass controls

    Deep switch - adds low bottom

    Bright switch - Passive RC pre-emphasis circuit

    EFX loop: Series or parallel selectable on front panel. Pre or post EQ. Line level or instrument level inputs, selectable

    Inputs: One passive, one active

    Outputs: One 1/4" phone jack, one XLR balanced output

    Jenson transformer output levels - 40 pre and post EQ

    Cooling: High-quality whisper fan

    Size: 2 rackspaces, 50 lbs. 5B33BC8F-33CD-4BFB-B56B-622D6DA2DEC9.png

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  2. Lowered price to $800. I had a gig the other night and the power was not run properly and it fried my mixer to my PA. I need to replace it ASAP!!
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  3. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    Killer price that this went for. I hope your mixer is alright. I have played many venues where I didn't trust the power. :cautious:
  4. Regis Rocha

    Regis Rocha

    Nov 7, 2016
    I did not understand. Still available?
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