SOLD Aguilar DB750 and GS412 Rig

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    Jun 22, 2013
    7D4B88B2-B566-478E-A677-317A6AEFCC20.jpeg 1D0C5CC9-C798-4BB7-B2EF-08750AD1BFA1.jpeg F200882E-5F8B-4850-8A75-407CBC5AACF7.jpeg A2247E1D-71D6-4758-B613-1ED5BF79750E.jpeg B06B1BAE-112D-4FD3-BDEE-FC692D9672EE.jpeg

    571068B3-F51C-4158-8102-CAF045EA604A.jpeg 6C878E81-E392-40A6-A227-66CC09027D20.jpeg A1E2966A-7AA3-4093-9754-32706C1FC1CD.jpeg Now available on Reverb with Affirm financing.. Aguilar DB750 & GS412 Rig Silver and Black

    Heres a world classic Aguilar rig that sees a lot of action, consisting of a great condition Aguilar DB750 head in an Aggie branded Rack Bag with an good condition Aguilar GS412 cab. The cab has various battle battle scars in the usual places (the corners, bit of matting, etc...) nothing too bad. One side of the cabs rat fur has been rubbed down and has an almost sandpaper quality to it (is the side I load into my truck), but isn’t visually obvious. The cab, tho large, actually transports easier than any cab I’ve ever had (I’m including new fangled micro cabs like Audiokinesis TC 112s in that) It’s perfectly balanced and rolls effortlessly. I’ve never had to lift in even once as it tilts perfectly both into my truck as well as onto stage. The grill is in great shape, as is the head. The bag had seen better days, but is fully functional. Sound quality is as you would expect from this set up. I’d love to keep this (and still might) but I have to pay for a wedding, so absolutely no trades.

    Due to weight, this one is pickup in Jacksonville only (not gonna ship this one). Also I am keeping these together, and will not be selling them separately.

    I am however willing to drive anywhere within 3 hours of Jacksonville to deliver or meet up with a buyer for an extra fee.

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    Damn!! You could level buildings with that!
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    Dec 23, 2015
    That rig says- go ahead guitarists, turn up if you dare..
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    Oct 3, 2010
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    My back is hurting on your behalf, all the way from up here in TN. Good luck - that's an absolutely awesome setup!
  5. Had this exact rig for a long time. The cab is easier to move and handle than it looks. Killer fat punchy tone. GLWTS
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  6. Astronaut Don

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    Feb 7, 2013
    if you ever change your mind about selling and shipping the DB750 let me know... Im in Denver, Jacksonville FL is a bit far for a road trip.
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    Jun 22, 2013
  8. I've owned both and they were magnificent! The head alone is worth the asking price. GLWTS.
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