TRADED Aguilar preamp OBP-3TK/PP

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    Dec 5, 2007
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    Got this and not my thing will include all the parts that are pictured which btw are extra along with the original bass and treble parts. If your handy all you got to do is resolder a couple of connections and you’re good to go. Coming from a clean and heathy place.
    Along with the preamp, it includes treble/bass/mid pots with the mid being push/pull for the frequency selector.

    Asking price is shipped CONUS, paypal only, please.
    Configured, volume, blend, mid switch pot, stacked bass & treble, bypass switch. FWIW all the extra pots and switch where purchased from as well the separate bass and treble pots from the Aguilar. I’ll also include a battery wire cap for 9volt as well. Also the wiring diagram is included. These are all top notch pots with this pre!
    Control plate not included.
    $155.00 shipped

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  2. Rapisme

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    Dec 5, 2007
    Or Best Offer_! Really want to fund another preamp purchase with the sale of this one. The extra pots easily amounted to more than what’s being asked for.:cool:
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    Dec 5, 2007
    Or trade for a 3 band preamp must have 4 Knobs and a side body input jack. Also a DPDT switch would Good on it as well.

    Nordstrand, Audere, Glockenklang, Bartolini, etc. All those or others can be trade options.

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