No longer available Aguilar sl212 4ohm LTD Dorian Gray

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    Mar 13, 2021
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    Selling my mint condition Aguilar sl212 4ohm
    In limited edition Dorian gray.
    Has only been used at home never gigged so it’s never been pushed hard.

    Asking $1250 shipped

    Aguilar SL 212 2 x 12" 500W, 4-ohm Bass Cabinet Features:
    • 2 x 12" cabinet. 45lbs.
    • Lightweight design for easy transport
    • Phenolic tweeter with integral phase for detailed highs
    • Neodymium drivers for a powerful midrange response
    • Custom crossover with variable high-frequency control
    • Sturdy all-wood 12mm cabinet
    • 1 x Neutrik speakON and 2 x 1/4" inputs
    • 500 watts of power handling

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    Perfection! Ugh….me want. Need to sell my 2 Bergs
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