SOLD Aguilar SL212 MINT! (Will Ship!)

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    Up for sale is my recently acquired Aguilar SL212. I got it here on TB from RBASS930. The cab is in like new mint condition. I don’t believe the previous owner ever gigged with it and I have only used it at 2 band rehearsals. This thing moves some serious air and can get loud! Don’t let the 500w rating fool you. I have used this with the Aguilar AG700 and it sounds amazing! It is also super light!

    Why am I selling...we are switching to in ear monitors, so I will be using a smaller bass combo amp on stage and need to raise some funds for the in ear system.

    • Power handling: 500W
    • Speakers: 2x12
    • Impedance: 4 ohm
    • Frequency response: 37Hz–16kHz
    • Dimensions: 28.6" x 19" x 18"
    • Weight: 45 lb.
    Pictures are from the previous thread by RBASS930. I have the original box to ship the cab and would be will to ship to the lower 48 as well.

    Price is $675.

    *I will also be listing the matching Aguilar AG 700*

    PM me with questions please.
    2563BF31-3831-4823-9D92-2447D9111F1C.jpeg 9D2F2ED2-00BC-459B-84AA-419FBAF72B4A.jpeg 75292B96-044C-42C8-BB6C-A0A483F194B9.jpeg 0ABB4430-8C7F-4EB8-A57B-6EFAC62825BE.jpeg 6DB3C237-1F80-4E58-8B21-3EECE63A11C5.jpeg
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  2. devinmcgrath


    Jan 19, 2018
    wish i saw this sooner ! i am in CT as well !
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