SOLD Alembic "Shop Night" Spoiler 4 Fretless

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    Quite rare fretless Alembic "Shop Night" Spoiler. As it is a shop-night bass, it does not have a serial number nor counts as an "official" Alembic - however, it was built in their shop, by their artisans (for a fellow employee) and the quality and parts are second to none, as they are on all Alembic basses. Includes upgrades not present on many Spoiler basses: pickup pan pot instead of switch, 3-way q switch, LED side-markers, Schaller Straplocks, new brass control knobs from Maximum Guitar Works. Comes with OSSC, original knobs, and a few sets of extra strings - some old, some new. Volume and filter pots are a little stiff but not noisy in the slightest.


    Serial Number: none ("Shop Night" bass)
    Model Number: none
    Body: Mahogny
    Bodyshape: Spoiler with tummy contour
    Neck: Maple
    Scale: 32"?/22 frets (bridge is set back to accommodate long scale strings)
    Fingerboard: ebony, no lines. Red LED's for side markers
    Finish: solid black
    Hardware: gold, brass for bridge and nut
    Pickups: AXY56 (?)
    Electronics: Pickup pan, master volume, filter pot, 3-way q switch, LED switch, front-mounted mono input.
    Weight: 10 lbs, 2.8 oz

    No trades. Maybe for a Wal. Maybe.

    It was formerly owned by (someone famous) but as it has no certificate of authenticity or such it is priced without this consideration.

    Prefer to keep it local. Will drive up to 2 hours for serious buyers - this means NY, PA, Connecticut, Delaware. Will open up to CONUS shipping if warranted.

    Spoiler Front 1.jpg

    Spoiler Body 1.jpg Spoiler Body 2.jpg Spoiler Headstock 1.jpg Spoiler Headstock 3.jpg Spoiler Side LED 1.jpg Spoiler Side LED 2.jpg
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    One of the best sellers/shippers I've dealt with on Talkbass here ^^^, killer rig as well. I believe this is the same bass referenced here Club Alembic and if @RVBASS can confirm? The LED's look sick, do you have a pic of the cavity label?

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    Pretty AWESOME .