SOLD Ampeg SVT 4 Pro 1600W amp $825 shipped

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    Mar 29, 2015
    For sale is an as-new 1600W (bridged 4 ohm) professional quality Ampeg SVT 4 Pro bass amplifier in near-perfect condition. Trying to fund a bass purchase, so something's gotta give.

    New, the current 1200W versions have a MRSP of $2,199, and sell for $1,549 retail price. This is 1600W bridged at 4 ohms. Will push any cabinet set-up for big shows/auditoriums, or small rooms, and has best connectivity and patching on the rear panel ever. This has been used little-- maybe 5 or 6 gigs in all. I bought it to use while my other primary amplifier was in the shop being repaired, which was an extended time. Once my main amp was repaired, I decided to keep this amp anyway since it is a fantastic amp. 3 AX7 tubes in the pre, can be run stereo, 9 band graphic EQ plus 3 band with 5-position switchable mid-frequency, bi-ampable w/ crossover, built-in compression, 2, 4 or 8 ohm operation, and absolutely the best patching, routing, loop access, stereo effects loop etc. on the back panel of any amp I've ever owned.

    Ampeg's description:

    "In the world of high-performance bass amps, Ampeg’s SVT amplifiers are in a class by themselves. In true Ampeg tradition, the SVT-4 PRO offers you more power, performance and flexibility than any other bass amplifier in its class.

    SVT-4PRO offers an expansive palette of tonal options. The Frequency control allows you to select the center frequency for the Midrange control, giving you five distinct voicing options for the Midrange. And if that’s not enough, you can use the 9-Band Graphic EQ to fine-tune your sound—or use it to set up a footswitchable “second channel” with a volume boost for your bass solo.

    SVT-4PRO is designed for the player who wants SVT tone and performance (with a few modern enhancements) in a convenient, high-powered, rackmount design. With a huge diverse group of artist endorsements, including Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel/King Crimson), Cliff Williams (AC/DC), Pablo Stennett (Ziggy Marley) and far too many others to list here, the SVT-4PRO is a clear favorite among professionals. In the world of high performance bass amps, the Ampeg SVT-4PRO has what it takes to really define your sound."

    Rather than recite every aspect and feature of the amp, here are link to information on this amp, so you can read up on the details and the fantastic reviews.

    Ampeg SVT-4 PRO Series Bass Head

    Ampeg: Pro Series - SVT-4PRO
    Owner's manual for all the details:

    Price lowered/changed to $825 now SHIPPING INCLUDED, CONUS
    (lower price considering shipping is now included)

    I can also include the SKB rack case for another $50.

    Thanks for looking.

    Here are photos: the first 2 are stock images, the remainder are this particular amp.




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    Mar 29, 2015
    Bump for a great amp.
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    Mar 29, 2015
    Local sale in Madison-Chicago-Milwaukee area also gets a large "no shipping cost'' discount.
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    Mar 29, 2015
    SOLD locally.