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    For Sale/Trade is my Ampeg SVT 7pro. It's about 1 year old, just home use. Great sounding and very powerful amp. This one has the newest revision board and is in great shape except a scratch on the bottom of the amp. You can't see if from the front, but it's there. Comes with power cord and rack ears, original box and manual. I'm just looking to change it up.

    From Ampeg's site:
    The SVT-7PRO pumps out a ferocious kilowatt of pure Ampeg tone in a compact design that weighs in at just 15lbs. The SVT-7PRO features the same professional features as the other PRO Series heads including a flexible 5-position mid tone control, remote switching FX loop and a sleek onboard variable compressor. The tube preamp boasts a premium JJ 12AX7 that feeds the weight-defying Class-D power section.

    • RMS power output:
    • 1000 watts @ 4 ohms
    • 600 watts @ 8 ohms
    • Preamp: Tube ( 1 × JJ 12AX7)
    • Power amp: Class D
    • Tone controls: Bass, mid, treble
    • Mid-tone control: 5-position
    • Ultra Lo/Hi boosts
    • Onboard variable compressor
    • Transformer balanced line out
    • Includes removable rack ears
    • Power supply: Switching
    • Weight: 15.5 lbs / 7 kg
    • has aux in RCA style and headphone out for silent practice/jamming with audio. Also fun fact when you connect the aux in and connect to a speaker cab, the audio plays through the cab as well as your bass. Fun for playing louder at home or playing along with other people to hear the audio you are playing with. I enjoy playing louder with music or drum tracks and pretending I'm playing with a group in the room :bassist:

    Trade interests are:
    -GK 700rbii, 1001 rbii
    -GK Legacy 500/800
    -Mesa D800/D800+
    -Mesa M3/M6, Big Block 750
    -Darkglass 500
    -Quilter Bass Block
    -Genzler Magellan
    -EBS Reidmar 502/750

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