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    Yes, you read that correctly -- this is not a typo -- a US-made, SLM-era SVT-AV for $250!

    Here is the catch: This amp has a mysterious issue where, when you turn it on, it starts out all crackly and messed up sounding. Then, as you play it, the crackly sound slowly goes away. After about 20-30 minutes of warming up, the amp sounds great and will run fine all day long. Until the next day when you have to start the warm-up process over again.

    I took the amp to a couple of different techs over the years, and they cleaned it, re-soldered some components, etc. The problem would be better for a while, and then would come back. Basically I am sick of dealing with it, so I am moving it along.

    I took out the tubes and am going to keep those. No tubes are included with the amp at this price.

    They way I see it, the buyer would have a few options with this amp:
    1. The simplest option is throw in a set of tubes and play the amp. You just have to let it warm up for a while before you are going to play it. That is what I did for years. I just told my bandmates that whoever got to rehearsal first should turn on the SVT.

    2. Find some Ampeg amp guru who can figure out what the problem is and get the amp fixed for real. Or maybe you are such a guru and can do it yourself.

    3. If you already have an SLM-era SVT, you could use this for parts for when your amp breaks down.
    Anyway, I figure this might be worth $250 to someone. Or feel free to make a reasonable offer.

    At this price, gonna have to keep this local -- San Francisco Bay Area. I don't think it would be worth the cost to pack and ship it.

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    Oh, how I wish I was in the Bay Area right now. Well, most times. But especially right now.
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    This one sold locally. Thanks for the interest.