No longer available Ampeg SVT610HLF $450 or best REASONABLE offer.

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    District Of Columbia
    Actually I'm in Centreville,VA (Northern VA) but we locally know it all as the DC Metro Area or DMV. It has only been in practice locations and at my home since I'VE had it... previous owner, not sure. It is in PERFECT working order but has some exterior wear and has only been used through my Ampeg SVT-3 PRO since I've owned it. I would say it's in "GOOD" condition (visually) going by the local "Big Box Store's" (ahem GC) guidelines. I'm only selling it to put money towards a custom built cab. (Schroeder) Try it and buy it if you like it! Cash in hand only. Will NOT ship by carrier BUT I'm willing to drive within a 2 hour radius of the Washington, DC metro area for delivery for the same asking price.
    Resized_20180822_204441.jpg Resized_20180822_204756.jpg Resized_20180822_204855.jpg Resized_20180822_205001.jpg Resized_20180822_210257.jpg Resized_20180822_210328.jpg
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  2. Jesus, what a disaster... lol I was trying to edit out all of the repeat pictures and the separation of words and pics and it seems kinda difficult to do on my phone. Well, there it is though... please excuse the weirdness until I can either get a grasp of it on my phone or get to my laptop.
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  3. Update! Woot! Woot! I did it! I got it to work! Now you can see the cab.