SOLD Ampeg V4B w/case and AV 212 Cab

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  1. fifty6tricks


    Apr 21, 2014
    Ampeg V4b 100 watt tube head w/case and matching cabinet for sale

    100 watts tube head with SKB case.

    600 watt 212 Ampeg av cabinet. 4ohm


    I can't find anything but nothing is perfect once it's used. I take great care of all my equipment .

    I never thought I would ever sell this amp but we all know how that goes. Amp has always been in a case when not used and cabinet was covered with a padded protector. (I'm keeping the padded protector . It fits another amp I'm using. )

    This amp can drop to 2 ohm load as well as 4 and 8 ohms. Everything works perfectly. I had changed the preamp tubes about 6 months ago. One sounded weak so I changed them all. I'm not in dire need to sell but figured I would pass such a great amp and cabinet to someone who could use it.

    If you need any other info or pictures plz let me know. Serious inquires only please . I'm looking at a local sale but I've shipped many amps and cabs . If your interested I would ship but only if the buyer pays full costs. The amp is heavy . Please be aware this is gonna cost a be to ship. I could also meet someone a reasonable distance in Michigan if there interested

    I would like to sell together . Thx for looking !

    Looking for a cash only sale.

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