SOLD ASHDOWN Tone Pocket Bass Preamp / Headphone Amp / USB Audio Interface

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    This Ashdown Tone Pocket is New in the original box with all accessories. Got it as a gift over Christmas, don't really have a use for for it myself since I primarily practice/record in front of my desk.

    The Tone Pocket is a premium bass headphone amp and audio interface designed for home practice, studio, and stage applications, the diminutive Ashdown Tone Pocket packs a ton of tone. The Tone Pocket features 3-band EQ with 15dB of boost/cut per band for effective tone sculpting, and a line input to connect to your smartphone or music player, plus a balanced line out for connection to PAs and recording consoles. It's also an audio interface with high-quality A-D conversion and a mini-USB recording output for connection to your favorite DAW. A replaceable, internal 9V rechargeable battery allows approximately two hours of playing time between charges. When active, the USB socket also doubles as a charger for desktop use.

    LOWERED PRICE! SELLING FOR $150 including free shipping in the US (International shipping is no problem, just PM me for a quote).

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