For Sale/Trade ATA Speaker Case

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    May 31, 2002
    Chicago, IL USA
    Price dropped to $50.
    I have a good condition ATA speaker cabinet case that I'm no longer using. I believe it was originally built for a Bergantino HT 310 cabinet, but I used it for an Epifani 310 UL cab, and it had just a few extra inches of room, but was very functional.
    The INTERIOR dimensions are: 23.5" W, 19" D and 24- 26" H
    (height depending on how much foam you want at the top of the case).
    It is in good used condition. The spring loaded latches are very tight, the valence/ seal is free of dents or warping. The casters are in good condition and roll easily. The only (full disclosure) things to note are 1 ding in the side panel where there is a small dent in the black covering of the plywood (see pics). Also the layer of foam at the interior top of the lid is missing- but that is a very easy fix.
    This would be an excellent fit for something like an SWR GoLight Marcus Miller 410, possibly a tight fit for an Eden D410XST
    This would be a roomy fit for many 1x15 cabs (many, such as Ampeg SVT 115 will have about 3" extra depth in the case).
    My only reason for selling is that I have switched to touring with a Berg AE410 (which is too tall for the case).
    I'm in Chicago IL. I prefer a local pick up. Please ask any and all questions.
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    May 31, 2002
    Chicago, IL USA
    Definitely open to offers as well...