SOLD Audere JZ3 Pro four band preamp

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    For sale is a Audere JZ3 Pro preamp. It dropped right into a Squier Classic Vibe 60's jazz bass that I own. I installed this preamp in that bass for about a week and decided that passive electronics are good enough for me. Sounds fine, I just don't need all of the tweaking that this thing can do. The battery fits inside the jazz bass electronics rout, so this option is nice for those of you who do not want to rout a separate battery box.

    Details are here: Pro JZ3 VV 4B Chrome

    Comes with installation instructions and other bits that came with the preamp. I'll include the 9V battery that I used for a week, too. I do NOT have an additional crimp connector or heat shrink tubing for the ground connections.

    Price shipped to the continental USA is $125. Please do not hesitate to make offers or contact me by PM.

    If you need a jazz body, badass bridge, DiMarzio Model J pickups or Fender fretless jazz neck, check out my other postings.

    I will not be able to ship 24-26 Dec.

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