SOLD AudioKinesis Thunderchild 112AF v3 Mint

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    AudioKinesis Thunderchild 112AF v3 Mint...less than 10 hours on it at bedroom volumes...never gigged and stored in a smoke free home studio

    I bought this for a fretless gig that fell through and now I do not even have the fretless! But it sounds so good with fretless as well as fretted bass.

    weighs roughly 34lbs

    Duke is the man and is super cool. I ordered this directly from him
    This has the rear firing tweeter and 4 ports to add or remove bass for various settings

    4/8ohm switch

    works well with the Hathor 1203

    here are the instructions from Duke:

    On the back of the cab you will find three switches. UP is LOUDER in each case.

    The top switch toggles between full top-end extension (to about 18 kHz) and a gentle rolloff starting at about 3.5 kHz. This switch affects both horns.

    The middle switch is labeled "4/8", and toggles between 4 ohm and "8 ohm" mode. The actual difference in impedance is a lot less than those numbers imply - I can explain it if you'd like. I suggest you use the "8 ohm" setting only when you want to run a second 8-ohm cabinet in parallel, for a 4-ohm load.

    The bottom switch is the upper-midrange smoother switch. Its effect is pretty subtle, you'll have to listen closely to hear much of a difference. In the UP position, there is a 4 dB bump at the top end of the woofer, around 1.8 kHz. In the DOWN position, that bump is eliminated.

    So the most "hifi" settings would be, top and middle switch UP, and bottom switch DOWN.

    You'll also find four ports on the back. The more ports open, the bigger the low end. If you plug two ports, I suggest plugging them on a diagonal. The soft black threaded piece is part of the plug, not part of the port - make sure you remove it when you unscrew the orange plastic piece. Sometimes the soft black piece wants to stick inside the port.

    with the rear firing tweeter and 4/8 ohm switch, I believe it was $1050 plus shipping.

    selling to you for $725 - buyer pays shipping(I recommend If you are serious we can work through the shipping details.

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    I'll take it, please. You have a pm.
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    Jun 9, 2014
    pm'd you Dee-man
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    Jun 9, 2014