No longer available Avalon U5 & Behringer V-Amp Pro with Gator Rolling CASE Like New

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    This is an great time to save on a really nice rig. The Avalon U5 with all the effect options is a very interesting setup and there are so many different tonal options. I've also included a very nice Gator 4U rack case. Everything is fairly new and is working in excellent condition.

    Offers are welcomed!


    -Behringer V-Amp Pro

    -Avalon U5
    W/rack ear kit($90 value)

    -Rolling Rack Gator Case

    -Power Cables

    Behringer LX1BPRO Bass V-AMP PRO Rack

    Rack up a huge range of pulse-pounding effects and models.

    The Behringer Bass V-AMP PRO Rack Modeling Preamp has all the features of the standard V-AMP, plus extensive digital connectivity. Choose from 32 classic amps, 23 legendary speaker cabinets, and 16 killer effects models. Store your own presets in 125 memory locations. Includes pre-DSP send/return, post-DSP stereo inserts, balanced stereo XLR DI out with ground lift, a BNC word clock input for synchronization, and a 24-bit/96kHz digital output with AES/EBU and S/PDIF connectors. Also features Behringer's exclusive auto wah and rotary effects as well as DI output with Ultra-G cab simulation designed by Juergen Rath. 15 rear-panel connectors allow comprehensive routing to suit virtually any application. The V-AMP Pro will become your best friend in the studio and at the gig.

    • 32 authentic virtual amp models can be combined with any of the 23 speaker cabinet simulations
    • Noise gate, compressor, wah-wah, modulation effects, delay, and reverb
    • 125 memory locations divided into 25 banks of 5 presets each
    • Facilitates direct recording without an extra amp
    • Adjustable autochromatic tuner
    • 15 rear-panel connectors allow comprehensive routing and suit virtually every conceivable application
    • Additional unparalleled authentic cab simulation with sound designed by Juergen Rath
    • Stereo headphone output with adjustable volume
    • Internal power supply unit
    • Extremely low-noise instrument input ensures maximum instrument signal integrity
    • Pre-DSP send/return for dry recording and wet monitoring
    • Stereo 1/4" line outputs controlled by master volume for live use as guitar preamp
    • Balanced stereo XLR DI out with ground lift and switchable Ultra-G cabinet simulation
    • Post-DSP stereo inserts for connection of external effects
    • BNC word clock input for external sample rate synchronization up to 96kHz
    • AES/EBU and S/PDIF connectors allow usage as an all-purpose A/D converter with 24-bit/96kHz digital output
    • Comprehensive MIDI in/out/thru

    Avalon U5

    With the U5 high-voltage DI Preamplifier you can conjure the sweet, vivid sounds your recordings deserve. A unique combination of passive tone selector and variable gain preamp and filter, the U5 accepts a wide variety of signal levels and instruments, everything from acoustic guitars to active bass guitars and keyboards. You'll be astounded at the magic you'll be able to work with the U5 in your studio. Tons of sonic character!


    100% discrete, pure Class A mode

    Variable gain preamp to +30dB

    High input impedance 3 meg.

    Very low noise -100dB

    Dual mic and line level outputs

    Six tone bank selections

    High headroom +30dB output

    HF cut switch eliminates noise

    High level 400 w speaker input
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    Is this still Available??