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SOLD Bacchus Craft Series 5 String Bass with Nordy P'ups

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by jzfunkateer, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. jzfunkateer


    Jan 16, 2014
    New York
    New York
    Bacchus Woodline Craft Series 5 String Bass never played out.. Made in Japan. Ash Body, Honeyburst finish, Maple Neck, Rosewood FB, M.O.P Blocks and Binding, Clear pick guard. replaced stock pick ups with Nordy NJ5S Hum-Cancelling P'ups. Weighs in around 8.5 LBS.
    Nice playing bass Comparable to a J Bass Deluxe. Original Pickups included in purchase. Need to thin the heard a bit and this bass just doesn't get played. No international sales. Buyer pays shipping costs. 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
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  2. Brennan


    Sep 29, 2004
    Great value for a killer bass.
    jzfunkateer, SirMjac28 and feschyn like this.
  3. Quadzilla

    Quadzilla Supporting Member

    Steal of a deal!
    jzfunkateer likes this.
  4. LowB-90

    LowB-90 Supporting Member

    Jul 2, 2014
    Pm sent
  5. guitfrank


    Apr 24, 2010
    buy it.
  6. feschyn

    feschyn Supporting Member

    Oct 10, 2004
    Is there a mark on or under the pickguard or is that just glare?
  7. jzfunkateer


    Jan 16, 2014
    New York
    Thanks for asking.. Just glare or reflection..
  8. mpdd

    mpdd neoconceptualist

    Mar 24, 2010
    sweet sweet deal and about half the weight of my ash bacchus ;)
  9. jzfunkateer


    Jan 16, 2014
    New York
    Wow man a 16 lbs. bass how did you ever sling that over your shoulder¿
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