SOLD BAE Audio 1073 DMP w/ custom case

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  1. meursault42


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    **Sale Only, sorry no trades**

    I am selling this barely used BAE 1073 DMP ("Desktop Mic Preamp") along with a custom carrying/flight case. I purchased this in January 2018 with the intention of using as both a vocal mic pre and as a bass guitar DI box. It's in mint condition, and sounds beautiful on just about any source you throw at it. It's particularly great for bass, and a quick google search will yield plenty of laudatory reviews.

    BAE is known for their robust build techniques and their faithful reproductions of classic Neve circuitry. It's hand-built-to-last in the USA using only the highest quality components, and will hold its value indefinitely, unlike that fancy new audio interface that will be near worthless in a few years. Rest assured, this is a solid investment in a quality piece of pro audio gear.

    I will ship USPS Priority Mail. Shipping weight is 10lbs. Dimensions 14"x14.5"x8.5". I'll calculate shipping cost based on those parameters and the destination.
    BassWEB-28.jpg BassWEB-26.jpg BassWEB-29.jpg BassWEB-30.jpg sales.jpg
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    Just a killing DI.